Off-the-market listings meet Chinese buyers' demand

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Australian real estates are being marketed and sold exclusively to foreign investors -including Chinese millionaires - with local buyers not even aware the properties in question are up for sale .

WooBuyers' extensive media spread in mainland China via multiple media platforms , exclusively selling Australian , mainly Sydney prestigious real estate is directly targeting wealthy Chinese investors , complimenting the local Australian market.

At the upper end of the real estate market , WooBuyers has connected China's cashed up and astute buyers and investors with Sydney luxury home vendors.

Given its exclusivity of international exposure ,WooBuyers is meeting the local prestigious market vendors’ demand of selling 'off market properties' through a discreet sale process of marketing homes internationally and privately.

For vendors who prefer marketing their home discreetly to avoid disclosure of personal affairs and the weekend unqualified inspection crowds , WooBuyers offers advertising options to attract cashed up Chinese buyers but not to advertise our listings to the general local public via traditional media.

It markets its silent sale properties in a number of ways: advertise through a highly ranked fully translated and supported Chinese website , Chinese social media platforms with established fanbase ; direct to its own prequalified Chinese buyers database and through preferred & qualified agents , connections and referrals that we believe are most likely to have buyers on their database suited to our silent sale homes.

Savvy Chinese real estate buyers are in Sydney Luxury homes frenzy because of good quality education for next generation , China domestic regulations restriction, and diversification for their investment. It is estimated that Chinese buyers spent $5.9 billion on Australian real estate last year , in a market worth $270bn.*

These astute Chinese buyers would be more excited about a property that is not advertised to the general public and high net worth Chinese buyers also need their privacy protected.

By advertising through WooBuyers' channel , prestigious home owners would avoid open for inspections with uncontrolled access to the public ; No 'For Sale' signboards ; No loss of personal energy as often experienced in the 'open sale' process , no negative industry record of an extended open sales period and, most importantly , No invasion of your privacy .

For a confidential discussion for how we can assit you, please feel free to contact WooBuyers Team, we are happy to hear from you.

*Source , The Australian

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