'Chinese Gatsby' Sam Guo's Windermere parties become the hot ticket in Hunters Hill

His neighbours have already dubbed him the "Chinese Gatsby", which judging by the largesse in the form of rivers of French champagne and no expense spared parties inside his lavish Hunters Hill mansion, would seem like a fitting nom de plume for Kui Zhang Guo.

But around his expansive harbourfront Windermere estate, he prefers to go simply by his anglicised name: Sam Guo.

Last weekend the wealthy Chinese businessman who retains a distinct air of mystery hosted yet another soiree at Windermere, which he bought late last year for $11.45 million.

Actress Zhao Wei attended Sam Guo's 50th birthday party, although many guests were unaware of the extent of her fame.

Among the guests was one of the biggest celebrities in the world, not that many Australians would probably recognise her. However, Chinese actress and pop star Zhao Wei has more followers (around 60 million) on social media than Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Beyonce combined.

Zhao Wei, who also goes by the name Vicki Zhao, casually sipped champagne as she mingled with the Hunters Hill set (think pearls, twin sets and bullet-proof blow dries), though admittedly most of the locals had little idea of just how big the star in their midst actually was.

"She was very sweet, they had been visiting New Zealand and were spending a few days in Sydney before going home ... you wouldn't have had any idea she was a superstar," PS's mole reports.

Zhao is married to Singaporean Chinese billionaire Huang Youlong, who has a huge real estate portfolio around the globe, ranging from estates in Hong Kong, Singapore and a $10 million chateau and vineyard in France.

The couple recently invested US$400 million in the film division of Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba, and may also be interested in investing in Australia.

Another guest was Zheng Zu, one of China's most popular comedy actors, who casually chatted with locals and posed for the occasional selfie with several of his new legion of Australian fans, though none have actually seen any of his films or television shows.

Meanwhile Sam Gou has been winning over his neighbours, many of whom were invited to his 50th birthday party in January despite having never met him. Indeed Gou has been personally door-knocking his new Hunters Hill neighbours inviting them over for a drink, and given the stellar guests bound to be there, such invites have become the hottest tickets in the silvertail enclave.

Source Credit: SMH, FairFax, 6th March 2015

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